The Widow Drone

The most mission capable drone platform for military and law enforcement in its class.

The Widow Drone

Modularity = Adaptability

A UAV is a team member and must be adaptable to multiple roles. The Single or limited feature option of other drones cannot meet the changing requirements of today’s mission set. The highly flexible and modular platform of the Widow allows for user-selected tools to be placed onto it in custom configurations and attachment positions to quickly meet challenges directly with the best solution instead of the “only option”. Modularity is adaptability. Adaptability is a vital element of success.

Mission Capable

With a top speed of 70 MPH, the ability to carry 4.5 lbs, and a radio range of over 10 kilometers, the Widow can be on target quickly with the payload required. With the release mechanism the Widow is able to perform re-supply or package delivery as readily as it can perform ISR functions, and can perform both roles on the same mission.

Ruggedized Design

From being thrown onto the ground, run over by an ATV and intentionally crashed, the Widow has proven that it’s ready for real-world use. With an IP6,4 rating, replaceable accessory mounts and arms that can be straightened back into position if bent or even switched out in less than a minute with a replacement, the Widow has been built to withstand the rigors of use and be mission effective while delivering long-term value instead of hits to the budget.

Armor Plated

The Widow can withstand impacts from a 12 gauge shotgun from within 25 yards, and smaller gauges at closer range.


Your team knows what they need to meet the mission and how it must be done. The Widow answers the call with the ability to attach third-party accessories on its extremely customizable platform, allowing for individual approaches. Identify the need, acquire the tool, attach it. This feature is not available on any other UAV in its class. The Widow and custom gear can also be made by Newcastle to your specifications. One drone, almost unlimited accessories.

Instant Acceleration

How fast is the Widow Drone? Watch it outrun a Dodge Viper.

The Widow Drone

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